Sky Theme

Sky Theme by Il Busted DSG (S60 5th) 1.0

Bright, sky blue Symbian theme


  • Pleasant background wallpaper
  • Well designed context menus


  • No new icons


Sky Theme brings an air of freshness to your S60 5th Edition phone, adding a background wallpaper and tweaking the look of your device.

Install the Sky Theme and your home screen will instantly come to life thanks to the bright, light blue design of the background. The free theme also adds a cool new clock face and funky status bars to the home screen.

The design of the pop-up context menus is excellent thanks to a color scheme that's bright and clear. Unfortunately, Sky Theme doesn't go as far as adding new icons to your phone, which is a shame.

Sky Theme will breath new life into your Symbian device, although the lack of icons means the changes aren't wholesale.

Sky Theme


Sky Theme by Il Busted DSG (S60 5th) 1.0

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